Get Private Driver


Taxi cabs tend to be dirty and their drivers can be rude. UBER and comparable services are rushed and not everybody’s cup of tea. And let’s face it, few people need a limo every day.

If you’re not out to impress the world but still like things YOUR way: clean, safe, comfortable and at YOUR leisure: Get Private Driver!

Get Private Driver service is a safe and comfortable transportation option for able-bodied seniors, drivers without a vehicle or no driver’s license, teens, your out-of-town guests, etc.

Get Private Driver: Expect courtesy!

Get Private Driver: Expect courtesy!

The primary focus of Get Private Driver is providing scheduled, routine rides in Greater Los Angeles area. Get Private Driver welcomes pre-scheduled, routine rides in Greater Los Angeles: be it to the Church, school, doctor’s appointment, shopping, beauty salon, errands or something else. The Private Driver can drop you off and pick you up later or stay and wait to spare you undue anxiety.

Private Driver For Your Car is the perfect solution for car owners who (for one reason or another) prefer another person to drive them around.

Private Driver On Demand (for one-time rides within Greater Los Angeles area) is another option.

For rides that include both the private driver and a vehicle, the vehicle is clean, comfortable and new. (Usually, 2015 Toyota Prius: environmentally-friendly and – of course! – smoke-free.) With Get Private Driver, the car will go where you need to go, when you need to go.

The driver is experienced, professional and skilled at using GPS.
With Get Private Driver, the driver’s time is yours for the duration of the scheduled ride. Whether you need help getting in and out, or simply with loading your shopping or dry cleaning, expect courtesy because that’s what you get.

To accommodate your needs for a Private Driver in Greater Los Angeles, Get Private Driver is available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours as well as in all day (up to 10 hours) increments. You can get private driver (with a vehicle or without) weekdays as well as on the weekends.

Rest assured, in addition to being professional and experienced, the Private Driver is drug-tested, has a clean criminal record and excellent driving record. (For additional information, visit the Terms page.)

Orders and payments are accepted Online, ONLY. Private Driver doesn’t carry cash.
(Automatic ordering and automatic billing for pre-scheduled rides are available upon request.)